a pack of wolves

in Buffaure


The Buffaure high-altitude art project continues, an excursion area at 2,000 metres accessible from the village of Pozza di Fassa, municipality of Sèn Jan.

After the various works created over the last few years – including the Bregostana and the giant thrones, the maxi deckchairs and the artistic benches inspired by animals – this year the artist Francesco Franz Avancini is giving shape to a pack of wolves, positioned on the ridge above the Buffaure basin.

They are five very imposing specimens – six metres long by almost two metres high – covered in a weave of branches recovered from the soil of the local woods: a mixture of larch, fir and other local plants.

“For each wolf,” explains Avancini, “my collaborators Igor and Simone and I used three tractors of wood, with which we lined, weave by weave, the previously made iron structure. It took about six days per subject: we recently finished the third one and by the end of the first week of August the pack will be finally complete, with all the final details and finishing touches”.

This is a necessary clarification because, despite the numerous photos that have inevitably started to circulate on the web, given the great curiosity of tourists who have passed through the area, the ‘decomposed’ work must be considered in its entirety and, in fact, is not yet finished.

Once finished, the art project will continue by the end of the summer with the creation of new sculptures, which will further enrich the visitor’s experience at high altitude and contribute to increasing the notoriety of this area of the Fassa Valley, as demonstrated by the growing numbers of visitors.

Merit also goes to the numerous activities organised to welcome tourists, such as the much-loved trekking with alpacas or the walks in the malga with milking cows and making cheese as in the past, which are selling out week after week.