When: every Wednesday and Thursday in July and August

Meeting point: top station of the Pozza di Fassa- Buffaure gondola lift    

Time: 9.30/11.00/13.30

Preis: 15 euro

A slow- paced trek at the leisurely and steady pace of the alpacas, that will allow  you to walk in contact with these cute animals and discover the enchanted area of Buffaure. The participants will be invited in turn to lead Picasso, Manolo and the other four-legged friends with halter and  lead rope, following the instructions of a mid- mountain guide, who will facilitate the discovery of these places by providing valuable information in order to know more about the main landscape features.

Duration of the walk: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes per group

Activity suitable for families with children aged 5 years and over, easy path, no strollers. Due to the particular sensitivity of alpacas, pets are not allowed.

Info & Booking:

Buy your ticket HERE

Note: In the event of bad weather, the activity will be cancelled and the fee paid will be refunded. In all other cases of cancellation, there will be no refund.

NOTE: each participant, even if accompanying, must be in possession of a ticket.

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