It is called ‘Buffy’s hole’ and it is a large 400 square meter-wooden maze created by Trentino artist Franz Avancini, mostly using salvaged wood and other natural materials.

Buffy’s hole is situated next to the Buffaure Refuge, just a few steps from the arrival of the cable car.

This original project, designed for the little ones, is going to be appealing to everyone who is willing to  venture out in search of Buffy’s hole. Along the way there are three hidden nooks with unexpected surprises, including vertical pinball games and optical illusions, like the ones in the astounding upside-down room.

A fun and engaging way to forget about the world “outside” and get back to your childhood.

You will find the biggest surprise in the center of the maze: a giant sculpture made of intertwined branches and dedicated to Buffy. Did you know that Buffy is a real hare? This cute little hare was born from a litter that had found shelter next to the wolves under construction… It was so cute and lovely that it has become a true mascot for the Buffaure.

From the summer 2024 “Buffy’s hole”is going to be part of the renewed Enchanted Path, a thematic trail that will embrace all of Franz Avancini’s creations at altitude, including new artworks.  Are you ready to help the little Buffy make these enchanted woods shine in bright colours?

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