It is called ‘Buffy’s lair’ and is a large wooden labyrinth of 400 square metres created by Trentino artist Franz Avancini next to the Buffaure Refuge, a few steps from the arrival of the cable car.

An original project designed for the little ones, but also appealing to the older ones, who will be able to venture out in search of the three hidden niches where there are some surprises, including games and optical illusions, such as the very nice upside-down room.

There is also a maxi sculpture made of intertwined branches and dedicated to Buffy, a cute little hare born from a litter of puppies that last summer found shelter next to the wolf pack under construction, so much so that it has become a true mascot.

In the future, it will be at the centre of a real thematic trail that will embrace all of Franz Avancini’s creations at altitude.

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