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Ski instructors

Never tried skiing? You can do it well, but you want to improve? Do you want to become a pro- skier? No problem! In the ski resort Buffaure there is the right solution for your every needs. Thanks to the collaboration with the ski and snowboard school Vajolet- Pozza we are sure to have the right ski course for you.

Our ski instructors are waiting to get to know you at the new ski school area on the mountain, near the arrival point of the cableway “Buffaure”, in order to advise you on the course that best suits your needs.

You can choose between private or group lessons for a maximum of 8 people who are grouped by technical level and age (from 5 years onwards), so as to adapt teaching to your needs.

The practice area is equipped with beginners lifts (tapis roulant) of different lenght and children’s games to encourage learning through play. There are also two little insulated toilets blocks with warm water for moments of rest and relaxation.

The ski school offers weekly courses which take place mainly during the morning with ski descents on site and in the surrounding areas and end with the coveted ski race on the “Aloch” slope.

And because you never stop learning, there is the 18 hour “TopExperience” course for experienced adults and the 30 hour “FullDay” for advanced young skiers in collaboration with professional ski instructors.