Blue run and ski school area

Buffaure renewed

Buffaure, blue run and high- altitude ski school area

The blue run of the ski area has been operational since winter 2021/2022. It is called “Salvan” in honor of the legendary character who lives in these woods. It joins the more challenging red runs, including the much appreciated “Panorama”, and the daring Vulcano track, with a 38% gradient at its steepest points, a height difference of 566 meters and a total length of 2.5 km. It has always attracted skiers in search of a moment of pure adrenaline, even from far away.

The new 1650 meters long slope is served by the Buffaure di Sotto lift and will allow the little ones and the less experienced, as well as those coming from the connected Sellaronda circuit, to deal with the descents in one of the most scenic areas of the Fassa valley, tanks to a view that especially in the first part of the track, spans 360 degrees on the main peaks of the Dolomites : from Sassolungo to Sassopiatto, from Catinaccio to Sella Group and Marmolada.

The ski school practice area which is located on the mountain, right in the Buffaure basin, is also operational : three tapis roulant will lead even the less experienced to become familiar with skiing and snowboarding, independently or with the help of the ski instructors of the Ski school of Pozza di Fassa, between tunnels, skittles and the ever- present silhouettes of the Salvan characters, who accompany the experience at high altitude even during the summer.

On the subject of fun at high altitude, next to the ski school area there is also a sled lift for the little ones to be tackled on board rubber dinghies. And in the middle of the Panorama slope there is also a fun slope with bumps designed for making the first jumps and a nice piano on the snow to be played with skis on.