The Trentino artist, who has been on the scene for twenty years with countless spectacular creations behind him, has recreated a giant wooden eagle on Buffaure, a hiking area that can be reached from Pozza di Fassa by cable car, using carved larch boards.

The result? A bird of prey with a wingspan of 12 metres by two and a half metres in height. The sculpture, whose feathered wings took about 220 boards, is placed next to the Baita Cuz refuge in a strategic position.

From every angle, in fact, it lends itself to evocative and panoramic shots. From below it is silhouetted against the blue sky, while rotating around it one can immortalise the view of Catinaccio or Catena del Monzoni. The viewer, positioning himself by its claws, can also simulate being enraptured by it.

An original project, in the full style of Avancini, who in his long career has always created very special and alternative creations, both with iron and with wood. “It took about twenty days for this work,” he says, “and my days were punctuated by the times of nature, with waking up at dawn, already at altitude, and working until sunset, entertained by the wild animals that often peep out and by many curious tourists. It is a real satisfaction,” he concludes, “to be able to give substance to a very precise vision in my head, which I share with the client through preliminary sketches”.

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It is worth mentioning that in the area one can also admire the giant Bregostana and the pack of five wolves, as well as various panoramic seats in the most peculiar shapes: from one in the shape of a dragon, to one with dragonfly wings, to thrones or giant deckchairs.